Yellowfin on toast
Kimchi aioli, toast

Seabass and king prawn ceviche
Mescal leche de tigra
Pineapple, green pepper, red onion, micro herbs (wakati), lime
Pringle chips

8 ball squash west coast peach tostada (clam style)
Whipped Has, micro cilantro, pineapple, green pepper, red onion, micro cilantro, wakati, agave syrup, lime

Crispy calamari and prawns
Fennel, Anchovy-Stuffed Olives with Garlic Anchovy Aioli, Ponzu & Sweet Chili Sauce

Caesar salad
Blue Monday, red egg crumb, cotija, pork crack, roe, coal
– Dirty chicken
– Calamari
– 8 ball squash

Grilled brighton asparagus
Truffle parmesan fries
Egg, caviar, lemon chive crème fraiche